So whether you build massive ocean-going ships or clear rocks from hillsides, you’ll find a Genie HD boom that’s been constructed for your needs with the ideal balance of high quality and great value.


• Built for the harsh, salty, oxidized conditions of the demanding shipyard industry.
• The many productive features of Genie® shipyard booms add even more value. From self-levelling platforms with hydraulic rotation to positive traction drive for easy positioning in the harshest conditions.
• Platforms utilize high-strength square steel tubing and padded bumpers for operator protection and impact resistance. The steel mesh better retains dropped tools and resists weld slag, and the steel platform rotator shield prevents weld and debris from accumulating on platform hoses, wires and the hydraulic rotator.
• The steel-covered cable and hose track is top-mounted on the boom to prevent impact damage and withstand the rigours of typical shipyard use. All exterior hoses and cables have fire-resistant sleeves.
• All models are equipped with a complete Hostile Environment Kit that includes cylinder bellows, boom wiper seals, turntable shield, ring gear guard and air pre-cleaner.
• Steel turntable covers resist impact for a longer service life. Large, removable service doors for full-engine service access.
• The 250-litre steel fuel tank provide up to 28 hours continuous operation. The extra large drain port facilitates draining and cleaning, and the visual fuel gauge simplifies refilling by making it easier to see the fuel level.
• All models come with solid, rough-terrain tyres for outstanding shipyard performance.